The Hang-Glider

by Dorothy Miles

Here are my wings;
And there, at the edge of nothing,
wait the winds
to bear my weight.
My wings,
so huge and strong,
built with my life in mind ...

I have made other wings before,
cast aside --
I searched, and asked, and saw,
and built again ...
and here I stand.

Take up my courage
with my pack,
and forward go -


(The wings won't turn.)

**     **     **     **     **

The cliff is high,
and far way down
the sea;
I'd hate to drown!

But they are watching me.

I have seen others do it --
step off and fly --
so why can't I ?

suppose the winds might die
and I
step off and dive
and dive
and dive...

**     **     **     **     **

The winds won't die!
Experience tells me that.
and faith in all my experience,
that's all I need.

Here are my wings ...
Here are my wings!