Wolf Bragg and The Hebrew Association of the Deaf

Length: 1:10

Bernard Bragg: My father’s name was Wolf Bragg and his name sign was “B” handshape in the middle of the chin because he had a dimple there.

How I came to be involved with theatre was really as a result of my father’s influence. He was Deaf himself and directed his own theatre group in NYC. That really sparked my interest in theatre.

Robert Panara: Bernard Bragg here mentions his father and indeed it is true, his father was very important in the realm of Deaf theatre for about a good ten years in the 1930s.

Wolf had a group called the Hebrew Association of the Deaf, which would tour. They performed in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Richmond as well as other cities. They would perform within about a 500-mile radius of NYC. They performed one act plays and story telling and such.

Image of the "Detective Story" performed by the Hebrew Association of the Deaf. (Image courtesy of Bernard Bragg)